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Master of Business Administration

Rhonda Mack
Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Programs

Penelope McKeever

Associate Director of Graduate and Professional Programs


Angela Boyd

Director of Employer Relations, Professional Development, and Recruitment


James Kindley

Program Director


Worldwide Credentials. World-Class Experience

The College of Charleston School of Business has put its own stamp on the MBA. Our goal is to develop individuals with a global awareness and innovative mindset who make decisions from a cross-functional perspective and are accountable in the dynamic business environment.

Our intensive program combines a solid core curriculum and teaching excellence with real-world projects and case-based courses to give students the perspective and experience they need to advance in their careers. With a historically rich, coastal city as a backdrop, students will also examine game-changing theory, processes, and applications used in progressive organizations throughout the world.

The yearlong MBA program fills a gap that currently exists in the Southeast region’s management education. The program begins on campus in August with a rigorous pre-term session to develop professional effectiveness including communication, leadership, and team building skills. Accepted students are also required to successfully complete online courses of critical business foundations before proceeding to the academic courses in the fall semester. Students are challenged throughout the year in a variety of required courses including a session on creativity and innovation. In addition, every student participates in a required foreign travel study experience as well as required professional development activities and programs throughout the year.

What Sets Us Apart From Other MBA Programs?

  • Accelerate through a one-year MBA program including a valuable foreign travel study opportunity.
  • Experience real-world business issues and challenges in an applied, case-based learning environment.
  • Learn in cohort-based collaboration used in leading global organizations.
  • Examine and apply theory, business process, and applications from an innovative approach.
  • Choose a concentration in finance, marketing, or hospitality revenue management depending on your career interests.

Admissions Considerations and Requirements

MBA students are potential business leaders who can navigate the operating environment of globally oriented, modern businesses. They must be able to analyze the opportunities and challenges of today’s organizations faced with environmental, social and technological impacts. This is a rigorous program for students whose work ethic is an indicator of their professional potential and desire to succeed.

The Following Are Required:

  • A competitive GMAT, GRE or approved graduate proficiency exam score. The GMAT, GRE and GPA requirement for acceptance is a function of the number and quality of the application pool and therefore, extremely competitive. Average GMAT: ~590; GPA ~3.4.
  • A competitive cumulative undergraduate GPA
  • Interview if requested
  • Two letters of recommendation, one of which must be an academic reference
  • Goal statement
  • English language requirements for international students: a minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS, a minimum of 550 on the paper-based TOEFL, or a 83 on the computer-based TOEFL


Good interpersonal skills and strong communications are necessary for successful business professionals. As a result, an interview with each program candidate is desirable. A personal interview with either the director of the MBA program or program, staff or faculty will be scheduled after initial application screening. Candidates may also be contacted by the MBA program office for interviews on the College of Charleston campus.

Letters of Recommendation:

Two (2) letters of recommendation are required using the forms provided. Letters should be from individuals who can attest to your qualifications for graduate study. One letter must be from an academic source.

Goal Statement:

Explain how you perceive this program fits into your career goals and choices. Limit your statement to 300 words.

Online Proficiency Courses:

All students are required to successfully complete the online proficiency courses by a specified date prior to pre-term.

Transfer Credits:

Because this is a cohort program, transfer credit is not accepted.

Program Format

The MBA is a one-year, full-time, daytime program. It begins with an online proficiency course, two week pre-term session and then continues throughout the fall and spring semesters and May evening session. Courses are taught Mondays through Thursdays. Additional required activities are scheduled on Fridays. There is also a 1 ½ to 2 week international travel study session. The MBA program website provides a detailed calendar.