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Master of Science in Mathematics

Robert Mignone


Annalisa Calini
Program Director

Martin Jones

Program Director

Program Description

The Department of Mathematics at The Graduate School of the College of Charleston offers a graduate degree program leading to a Master of Science in Mathematics. The program prepares students for careers in industry, academia or government, or for doctoral studies. It also provides people in teaching and other professions with the means for career advancement or career change.

Courses are offered in the summer and late afternoon/evening to accommodate working professionals. Classes are small, providing personal attention for students who can work closely on projects with individual faculty members. The graduate mathematics faculty is actively involved in a wide variety of research areas, including algebra, analysis, combinatorics, dynamical systems, geometry, Lie theory, logic, mathematical biology, mathematical physics, number theory, numerical analysis, probability, representation theory, scientific computing, statistics and topology.

The Department of Mathematics also offers a graduate certificate in statistics and in operations research. For more information, contact the program director or visit the program’s website.


A number of graduate assistantships are available for full-time students in the Department of Mathematics. The awards will normally be made by April 30 for the following academic year; applications indicating an interest in an assistantship should be completed by April 15. However, applications for assistantships will be considered throughout the year if funds permit.

Note: For information on additional financial aid, please refer to the financial information section of the Graduate Catalog.

Minimum Admission Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or its equivalent with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the major is the usual requirement for admission. This undergraduate training should include abstract algebra, differential equations, linear algebra and advanced calculus. Students who have not had all of these courses will still be considered for the program but must make up any deficiencies.

Students requesting admission should submit the following:

  • a brief statement of goals.
  • one official copy of a transcript from each institution of higher learning attended, including documentation of graduation from an accredited four-year college or university
  • one official copy of test scores of the Graduate Record Examination, if available
  • two letters of recommendation from former professors or immediate superiors in recent employment

Admission Procedures

While applications will be considered throughout the year, the Graduate Steering Committee encourages completed applications for the program by the following dates:

Fall: July 1
Spring: November 1
Summer: April 1

Transfer Credit Policy

An applicant or student of the Master of Science in Mathematics can seek approval from the Program Director to transfer in 12 credit hours to count towards the degree. These courses require a grade of B or higher while courses with a grade of “Pass” or “Satisfactory” will not be accepted.

Graduate courses taken at The Citadel or the Medical University of South Carolina are not considered transfer credit provided the student completes the cross-registration procedures established by The Graduate School of the College of Charleston. However, a minimum of 18 credit hours must be completed through the College of Charleston’s Master of Science in Mathematics program.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Mathematics requires 30 hours of coursework or 24–27 hours of coursework and a thesis.

B.S./M.S. Degree Requirements

The College of Charleston offers a Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Mathematics program. For selected students, permitting up to 12 hours of graduate-level course work taken as an undergraduate during the senior year to count towards the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree and the Master of Science in Mathematics degree allows for the design of a plan for completing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree and a Master of Science in Mathematics degree in five years. An undergraduate student in the five-year plan taking a graduate level course during the senior year for both undergraduate and graduate credit would in every respect be treated as a graduate student in the course. The reason for including this option is to allow outstanding and motivated mathematics majors to earn graduate credit during their senior year and earn a Master degree in mathematics in a shorter time. Students enrolled in this program typically complete their M.S. degree within one calendar year after receiving the B.S. The combined degree is designed to integrate undergraduate-and graduate-level research and to give the selected students an outstanding preparation for entering a Ph.D. program in mathematics or related fields.