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Urban and Regional Planning Graduate Certificate

Kevin Keenan
Program Director

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate Program in Urban and Regional Planning provides advanced training in the skills and competencies required to address the multifaceted problems posed by rapid growth and development in the Lowcountry. Students obtaining the certificate in Urban and Regional Planning seek employment in government planning agencies, or in private consulting and/or real estate development. The certificate courses are offered through the Master in Public Administration Program, but successful completion of certificate courses does not include admission to the MPA program. Students who wish to apply to the MPA program should do so within the first six hours of certificate study.

Minimum Admission Requirements

The admission and enrollment policy for the Graduate Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning requires the following:

  • Baccalaureate Degree
  • Undergraduate Grade Point Average of 3.0
  • Application to The Graduate School as an "Urban and Regional Planning Certificate" student
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities
  • A statement of goals detailing the reasons for applying to the program, professional experience, academic skills, and career objectives
  • Résumé
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Though not a requirement, applicants may submit a writing sample, such as an undergraduate thesis, a recent work project, professional presentation, etc.

Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate Program in Urban and Regional Planning requires the completion of twelve (12) credit hours of graduate coursework. Accepted students are required to complete PUBA 612 History and Theory of American Urban Planning, and select one elective from each sub-field of study: Policy and Management, Legal Issues, and Development Practice.

Core Course

PUBA 612

History and Theory of American Urban Planning (required)

Policy and Management (Complete 1 Course)

PUBA 611

Urban Policy

PUBA 620

Local Government Politics and Administration

Legal Issues (Complete 1 Course)

PUBA 613

Planning Law

PUBA 631

Administrative Law

PUBA 635

Land Use Law

Development Practice (Complete 1 Course)

PUBA 614

Urban Applications of Geographic Information Systems

PUBA 615

Theories of Urban and Regional Development

PUBA 616

Local and Regional Economic Development: Policy and Practice

Transfer Policies

Transfer Credit Policy

A student may request the approval from the program director to accept up to three transfer credit hours. This course, if approved, must have a grade of B or higher.

Certificate Transfer

Up to 12 hours taken in the certificate program may be transferred into the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program with the approval of the MPA program director. Students in the certificate program must still apply and be accepted into the MPA program before credit hours can be transferred.

MPA alumni interested in obtaining a certificate in Urban and Regional Planning may use up to 12 hours taken in the MPA program towards their certificate program with the approval of the program directors of the MPA program and the Urban and Regional Planning Certificate program. Students must go through the admissions process and be accepted into the certificate program in order to be eligible to earn a certificate.

Students earning the MPA degree and an urban and regional planning certificate are expected to complete an internship relevant to urban and regional planning.