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African American Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.7738

Conseula Francis, Director

As an interdisciplinary minor focused on the study of the African American experience, African American Studies aims to provide students an understanding of the history and culture of African Americans and to introduce students to the diversity of African American experiences in a variety of disciplines. Students who minor in African American Studies can acquire careers in the field as teachers, in community development, in social service agencies and in public administration. Students who minor in African American Studies also gain excellent preparation for graduate and professional school.


Credit Hours: 18

At least nine hours in the minor at the 200 level or above must be earned at the College of Charleston.

AAST 200

Introduction to African American Studies

ENGL 216

Introduction to African American Literature, or

ENGL 313

African American Literature

HIST 216

African American History to 1877

HIST 217

African American History, 1877 to Present

Six hours selected from the following:

AAST 300

Special Topics

AAST 381

African American Studies Internship

AAST 400

Independent Study

ANTH 322

Peoples and Cultures of Africa

ANTH 323

African American Society and Culture

ANTH 327

Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean

HIST 272

Pre-Colonial Africa

HIST 273

Modern Africa

HIST 320

Special Topics in Lowcountry History

HIST 420

Research Seminar in Lowcountry History

LANG 250

West African Literature in Translation

MUSC 222

Special Topics for Non-Majors

POLI 330

Southern Politics

POLI 342

Politics of Africa

POLI 266

International Diplomacy Studies

SOCY 366

Race and Ethnic Relations

THTR 316

African American Theater

Special Topics

Department special topics and research seminar courses as appropriate, with the approval of the director.