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African Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.1920

Simon Lewis, Director/Coordinator


Credit Hours: 18

At least nine hours in the minor at the 200 level or above must be earned at the College of Charleston.

Core courses:

AFST 101

Introduction to African Civilization

HIST 272

Pre-Colonial Africa



HIST 273

Modern Africa

Twelve credit hours selected from the following:

AFST 202

Special Topics in African Studies (3)

ANTH 322

Peoples and Cultures of Africa

ENGL 352

Major African Writers

ENGL 353

African Women Writers

FREN 451

African Literature of French Expression


Any 200-level Literature in Translations survey course (i.e., LTPO, LTRS, LTFR, etc.) as long as the course contains more than one-third African content.

POLI 342

Politics of Africa

POLI 266

International Diplomacy Studies

Departmental special topics, tutorials, and independent study courses will also be offered as appropriate.