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British Studies Minor

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Tim Carens, Director

The minor in British Studies is designed to provide an integrative study of British life and culture throughout the ages. Students will examine the impact of British institutions and customs on the American experience and will gain an understanding of how British identity has been constituted in its member nations, the European Union, and the global community. The program offers courses and experiences in the study of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and those countries and territories formerly a part of the British Empire.


Credit Hours: 18

History, Politics, Economics and/or Sociology/Anthropology of the British Isles (6 credit hours)

Choose two three-credit courses* from the following:

ANTH 329*

Special Topics: Geographic Areas

HIST 270*

Special Topics in Pre-Modern History

HIST 301

Colonial America, 1585-1763

HIST 347*

Special Topics in Modern European History

HIST 357

Victorian Britain

HIST 370*

Special Topics in Pre-modern History

HIST 441*

Research Seminar in Modern European History

POLI 352

Geographies and Politics of the European Union

POLI 359*

Special Topics in Comparative Politics

Literature, Art, Architecture, Drama, and/or Music of the British Isles (6 credit hours)

Choose two three-credit courses* from the following:

ARTH 290*

Selected Topics in Art History

ARTH 340*

Selected Topics in Art History

ENGL 201

British Literature to 1800

ENGL 202

British Literature since 1800

ENGL 302


ENGL 304


ENGL 306


ENGL 314

The Sixteenth Century

ENGL 317

The Seventeenth Century

ENGL 318

The Eighteenth Century

ENGL 321

The Romantic Period

ENGL 323

The Victorian Period

ENGL 325

Modern British Literature

ENGL 327

The British Novel I

ENGL 328

The British Novel II

ENGL 337

British Drama to 1642

ENGL 340

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama

ENGL 395*

Special Topics

MUSC 222*

Special Topics for Non-Majors

MUSC 444*

Seminar: Selected Topics in Music History

THTR 289*

Special Topics

British Empire (3 credit hours)

Choose one three-credit course* from the following:

ARTH 241

History of the Art of India

ENGL 342

Literature of the American Revolution and Early Republic

ENGL 358

Colonial and Postcolonial British Literature

HIST 273

Modern Africa

HIST 301

Colonial America

HIST 302

Era of the American Revolution

POLI 359*

Special Topics in Comparative Politics

POLI 367

Geography of International Conflict

POLI 379*

Special Topics in International Relations

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

Students should work closely with the program director to plan their capstone experience; all capstone experiences must be approved by the program director. Students will choose one* of the following options:

  1. BRST 400 Capstone in British Studies
  2. HONS 381 Interdisciplinary Special Topics in the Humanities
  3. Bachelor's Essay, Tutorial, or Independent Study
  4. A study abroad course
  5. An internship

*Certain special topics courses from various departments may count toward the minor when the content is appropriate. These courses will vary on a semester-by-semester basis. The program director may also approve courses taken at British universities such as those maintaining a Bilateral Exchange program with the College of Charleston or those taken through study abroad programs such as the British Studies Program based at the University of Southern Mississippi.