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Crime, Law, and Society Minor

Phone: 843.953.6547

Ann Stein, Director

The Crime, Law and Society minor is intended to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the origins of criminal behavior, the consequences of crime for society and the legal responses societies develop to combat crime. This interdisciplinary minor allows students to take courses in political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy and history as well as interdisciplinary courses on the topic. In addition to traditional coursework, students are required to complete an internship.


Credit Hours: 18

POLI 203

Criminal Justice

SOCY 341


CRLS 400

Internship in Crime, Law, and Society

Electives (9 credit hours):

Three courses selected from the following. No more than six credit hours may be taken in any one discipline. Three courses designated as CRLS may be taken or repeated with the program director’s approval.

CRLS 200

Crime, Law, and Society Field Experience*

CRLS 300

Special Topics in Crime, Law, and Society

CRLS 310

Policing in a Modern Society

CRLS 311

Community Policing: Issues and Strategies

CRLS 401

Crime, Law, and Society Advanced Field Experience*

HIST 211

American Urban History or

POLI 306

Urban Policy or

SOCY 351

Urban Sociology

HIST 307

History of the United States: Cold War America, 1945–present

PHIL 206

Topics in Law and Morality

PHIL 270

Philosophy of Law or

POLI 380


POLI 292

Topics in Gender, Theory, and Law

POLI 295

Law and Society

POLI 310

Urban Applications of Geographic Information Systems

POLI 321

Civil Liberties

POLI 324

The Judiciary

PSYC 221

Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 223

Social Psychology or

SOCY 331

Society and the Individual

SOCY 342

Juvenile Delinquency

PSYC 344

Psychology of Substance Abuse or

SOCY 348

Sociology of Alcohol and Drugs

SOCY 351

Urban Sociology

SOCY 361

Child Welfare

WGST 350

Gender and Violence

*NOTE: Variable credit courses