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European Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.5930

William Olejniczak, Director

European studies is an interdisciplinary area studies minor that introduces students to the diverse cultures and nations of Europe through the study of history, literature, languages, visual arts, economics, business, politics, religion and society.


Credit Hours: 18

Cluster A: History and Ideas (3 credit hours)

Cluster B: Languages, Literature, Culture (3 credit hours)

Cluster C: Economics, Politics, Society (3 credit hours)

Electives (6 credit hours)

European Studies 400 Capstone Course (3 credit hours)

NOTE: Six credit hours of electives must be taken from Cluster A, B, or C with the following restrictions: no more than 6 credit hours from one cluster, no more than 3 credit hours from one discipline, and no more than 6 credit hours devoted to the study of one country may count towards the 18-hour minor. In order to complete this minor, students will take HIST 101 and 102 (or HONS 121/122 and HONS 131/132) or their equivalents and a European language.

NOTE: Each semester, departments offer relevant special topics courses. When appropriate, special topics courses will count towards the minor. Students should consult with the director of the program to determine if a special topics course may count towards the minor. Students may also need to fulfill prerequisites before they take certain upper-level courses in some departments.

Cluster A: History and Ideas

Choose one 3-credit-hour course from the following:

HIST 231

Ancient Greece

HIST 232

Ancient Rome

HIST 234

Early Middle Ages

HIST 235

High Middle Ages

HIST 242

History of Modern France

HIST 244

Political and Social History of Germany from 1866 to Present

HIST 252

Women in Europe

HIST 256

History of Science and Technology

HIST 291

Disease, Medicine, and History

HIST 336

Italian Renaissance

HIST 337

The Age of Reformation

HIST 341

Age of Enlightenment and Revolution

HIST 344

Modern European Cultural History

HIST 345

Modern German Cultural and Intellectual History

HIST 346

History of the Soviet Union

HIST 357

Victorian Britain

PHIL 201

History of Ancient Philosophy

PHIL 202

History of Modern Philosophy

PHIL 203

Philosophy of Human Nature

PHIL 205


PHIL 240

Jewish Philosophy

PHIL 304

19th-Century Philosophy

PHIL 306

20th-Century Analytical Philosophy

PHIL 307

20th-Century Continental Philosophy

RELS 202

The New Testament: History and Interpretation

RELS 225

The Jewish Tradition

RELS 230

The Christian Tradition

RELS 335

Western Esotericism

SOCY 260

Development of Social Thought

Cluster B: Languages, Literature, Culture (3 credit hours)

Choose one 3-credit-hour course from the following:

ARTH 214

Ancient Greek Art

ARTH 215

Ancient Roman Art

ARTH 225

Medieval Art

ARTH 265

The City as a Work of Art

ARTH 277

Renaissance Art

ARTH 280

History of Baroque Art

ARTH 285

Modern Art

ARTH 301

Studies in Ancient and Medieval Art

ARTH 303

Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Art

ARTH 306

Studies in Modern, Contemporary, and Film Arts

ARTH 350

History of Early Christian and Byzantine Art

ARTH 355

History of Early Medieval and Romanesque Art

ARTH 360

History of Gothic Art

ARTH 362

History of Medieval Manuscript Illumination

ARTH 365

History of Northern Renaissance Painting

ARTH 370

History of Italian Early Renaissance Art

ARTH 375

History of Italian High and Late Renaissance Art

ARTH 381

Spanish Baroque Painting and Sculpture

ARTH 385

History of European Painting, 1700–1850

ARTH 389

19th-Century European Art

ARTH 390

20th-Century European Art

ARTH 394

History of 18th- and 19th-Century Architecture

ARTH 395

History of 20th-Century Architecture

CLAS 242

Images of Women in Classical Antiquity

CLAS 253

Ancient Epic

CLAS 254


CLAS 255


CLAS 256

Ancient Satire

CLAS 270

The Classics in Cinema

CLAS 301

Topics in Ancient Greek Literature

CLAS 302

Topics in Latin Literature

CLAS 303

Topics in Classical Civilization

ENGL 201

British Literature to 1800

ENGL 202

British Literature since 1800

ENGL 203

Survey of European Literature I

ENGL 204

Survey of European Literature II

ENGL 302


ENGL 304


ENGL 306


ENGL 312

History of the English Language

ENGL 314

The Sixteenth Century

ENGL 317

The Seventeenth Century

ENGL 318

The Eighteenth Century

ENGL 321

The Romantic Period

ENGL 323

The Victorian Period

ENGL 325

Modern British Literature

ENGL 326

Irish Literature

ENGL 327

The British Novel: I

ENGL 328

The British Novel: II

ENGL 335

Modern Poetry

ENGL 337

British Drama to 1642

ENGL 340

Restoration and 18th-Century Drama

ENGL 350

Major Authors

ENGL 357

Studies in Contemporary British Literature

ENGL 360

Major Literary Themes

FREN 220

Special Assignment Abroad*

FREN 320

Survey of Francophone Literature*

FREN 321

Survey of French Literature *

FREN 326

Survey of Francophone Civilization*

FREN 327

Survey of French Civilization*

FREN 330

Collateral Study*

FREN 360

French Language Study Abroad*

FREN 361

Current Issues in France or the French-Speaking World*

FREN 363

Advanced French Culture*

FREN 370

Studies in French Film and Literature*

FREN 431

The Middle Ages and Renaissance in France*

FREN 432

The 17th Century*

FREN 434

The 18th Century*

FREN 435

Literature of the 19th Century *

FREN 437

Literature of the 20th Century*

FREN 443

The Novel in France*

FREN 482

French and Francophone Women Writers*

GRMN 320

Special Assignment Abroad*

GRMN 325

German Contemporary Issues*

GRMN 326

German Media*

GRMN 328

German Language Study Abroad*

GRMN 329

Current Issues in Germany or the German-Speaking World*

GRMN 365

Introduction to Literature*

GRMN 424

German Civilization and Culture*

GRMN 460

German Literary Heritage*

GRMN 468

Studies in Modern German Literature*

GRMN 472

Studies in German Cinema*

GREK 371

Readings in Greek Literature: Poetry*

GREK 372

Readings in Greek Literature: Prose*

ITAL 328

Italian Language Study Abroad*

ITAL 361

Survey of Italian Literature I*

ITAL 362

Survey of Italian Literature II*

ITAL 370

Studies in Film and Italian Literature (English)

ITAL 452

20th-Century Italian Literature*

LATN 301

Introduction to Latin Literature*

LATN 305

Medieval Latin*

LATN 321


LATN 322


LATN 323

Roman Historiography*

LATN 371

Roman Comedy*

LATN 372

Roman Satire*

LATN 373

Roman Biography*

LTFR 150

French Literature in (English) Translation

LTGR 150

German Literature in (English) Translation

LTGR 250

German Literature in Translation

LTGR 270

Studies in German Film

LTGR 450

German Literature in (English) Translation

LTIT 150

Italian Literature in (English) Translation

LTIT 250

Italian Literature in (English) Translation

LTIT 350

Italian Literature in (English) Translation

LTIT 450

Italian Literature in (English) Translation

LTRS 150

Russian Literature in (English) Translation

LTRS 250

Russian Literature in (English) Translation

LTRS 270

Studies in Russian Film

LTRS 350

Russian Literature in (English) Translation

LTRS 450

Russian Literature in (English) Translation

MUSC 230

Masterworks of Music Literature

MUSC 337

Opera Literature

MUSC 381

Music History I

MUSC 382

Music History II

MUSC 481

Music Theory III

MUSC 482

Music Theory IV

SPAN 320

Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature*

SPAN 328

Spanish Language Study Abroad*

SPAN 367

Select Readings in Spain

SPAN 446

History of the Spanish Language*

THTR 310

Theatre History and Literature to 1750

THTR 311

Theatre History and Literature after 1750

THTR 318

History of Fashion and Manners

THTR 387

The Contemporary Theatre

THTR 388

Dramatic Theory and Criticism

*Please note: courses marked with an asterisk are taught in that language.

Cluster C: Economics, Politics, Society (3 credit hours)

Choose one 3-credit-hour course from the following:

ANTH 326

Peoples and Cultures of Europe

ECON 308

Evolution of Economic Doctrines

ECON 310

International Economics

ECON 330

Comparative Economic Systems

FREN 380

Le Concept de Marketing*

FREN 381

French for World Business I*

FREN 382

French for World Business II*

GRMN 331

German for Business*

GRMN 332

German in International Business*

INTB 314

Management of Global Technology

INTB 322

International Business

INTB 409

Global Strategic Management

MGMT 325

International Management

MGMT 391

The International Corporation: A Comparative Approach

MKTG 326

International Marketing

POLI 352

Geography and Politics of the European Union

SPAN 316

Applied Spanish*

SPAN 318

Spanish for International Business*

TRAN 432

Global Logistics Systems Management

*Please note: courses marked with an asterisk are taught in that language.

European Studies Capstone: 3 credit hours

EUST 400

European Studies Capstone