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German Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.5464

Nancy Nenno, Director/Coordinator

The German studies minor provides in-depth study of German history, literature, culture, society, and business, including socio-political issues in reunited Germany and a look at the societies of contemporary Switzerland and Austria. Students may select courses taught in English or German, depending on their interests and abilities.


Credit Hours: 18

LTGR 250 or LTGR 270 is required. Other courses must be selected from the list below.

ARTH 365

History of Northern Renaissance Painting

HIST 244

Political and Social History of Germany from 1866 to the present

HIST 344

Modern European Cultural History

HIST 345

Modern German Cultural and Intellectual History

MUSC 230

Masterworks of Music Literature

PHIL 205


PHIL 304

Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

PHIL 307

Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy

POLI 352

Geographies and Politics of the European Union

LTGR 250

German Literature in Translation

LTGR 270

Studies in German Film

GRMN All courses at or above the 300 level

NOTE: Any additional courses, including special topics courses not listed in the Undergraduate Catalog and which pertain to the field of German studies, may count towards the minor, with the approval of the director of German studies.