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Health Minor

Credit Hours: 18

Minor Requirements:

This minor is available to students who are not majors in Public Health.

NOTE: The maintenance of a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the health minor coursework is required for successful certification of the health minor on the student's transcript.

Choose from any of the following courses:

HEAL 215

Introduction to Public Health

HEAL 216

Personal and Community Health

HEAL 217

Human Sexuality

HEAL 225

Consumer Health

HEAL 230

Global Health

HEAL 240

Worksite Wellness

HEAL 257

Principles of Nutrition

HEAL 317

Sexual Behavior and Relationships

HEAL 320

Special Topics

HEAL 323

Women's Health Issues

HEAL 333

Sports and Exercise Nutrition

HEAL 347

First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

HEAL 350


HEAL 401

Independent Study

HEAL 442

Healthy Aging

PSYC 333

Health Psychology

SOCY 336

Death and Dying