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Historic Preservation and Community Planning Minor

Credit Hours: 21

Minor Requirements:

Required courses:

HPCP 199

Introduction to Historic Preservation

HPCP 215

Researching Historic Properties

URST 310

Urban Planning



URST 320

Town and Country Planning

One Studio Course from the following:

HPCP 299

Preservation Planning Studio

HPCP 315

Urban Design Studio

HPCP 319

Architectural Studio Design

HPCP 375

Cultural Landscape Studio

Electives: nine credit hours from the following:

ARTH 105

Introduction to Architecture

ARTH 260

Buildings, Manners, and Laws: Charleston Architecture and Culture

ARTH 265

The City as a Work of Art

ARTH 335

History of American Architecture

ARTH 338

American Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture

HIST 222

History of South Carolina

HIST 323

Society and Culture of Early Charleston

HPCP 275

History of Land Design (cross-listed as ARTH 275)

HPCP 290

Special Topics in Historic Preservation

HPCP 298

AutoCad and Photoshop for Preservationists

HPCP 305

Building Pathology

HPCP 339

History of American Interiors (cross-listed as ARTH 339)

HPCP 340

Special Topics in Historic Preservation

HPCP 410




HIST 496

Field Internship



URST 400

Practicum (2)

HPCP 420

Preservation Law and Economics

POLI 305

Urbanization and Urban Geography

Special topics in art history, history, political science, urban studies.