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International Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.5701

Douglas Friedman, Director

The international studies minor is an elective program which provides a structured course of study designed to acquaint students with the international community. Completion of this minor course of studies will provide an important background for individuals planning careers in government, private enterprise, or non-governmental institutions.


Credit Hours: 18

At least nine hours in the minor at the 200 level or above must be earned at the College of Charleston.

Core: Nine hours to include:

INTL 100 or HONS 173 Introduction to International Studies and one course from each of the following two categories:

A. Interdisciplinary Studies

ASST 101

Introduction to Asian Studies

AFST 101

Introduction to African Studies

LACS 101

Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies

CPLT 200

Introduction to Comparative Literature

B. International Politics, History, Geography, Economics, Culture and Literature

POLI 103

World Politics

HONS 166

Honors World Politics

HIST 104

World History since 1500

GEOG 101/
POLI 104

World Regional Geography

RELS 105

World Religions

INTL 120

Economics of Globalization

ENGL 233

Survey of Non-Western 20th Century Literature or

Any 200-level Foreign Literature in Translation survey course (i.e., LTPO, LTRS, LTFR, etc.)

Electives: 9 hours

Nine hours directed toward a specific non-US geographic area (for example, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, etc.) or theme (for example, international human rights; international economy; international security, etc.) determined in consultation with the student’s International Studies advisor.