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Italian Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.5489

Massimo Maggiari, Director/Coordinator

The Italian Studies minor is an elective program which provides a structured course of study designed to acquaint students with Italian history, culture, and civilization, as well as sociopolitical issues of contemporary Italy. The minor is an 18 credit interdisciplinary program which requires work primarily in Italian. Such a minor should include 3 courses in advanced Italian and 3 courses in related fields. Elective courses may be chosen from a number of fields, including English, Art History, Italian Literature in translation, Italian Cinema, History, and Music. Students select courses with their major advisor and have their minor approved by the coordinator of the Italian program who also becomes the students' advisor in the minor.


Credit Hours: 18

The 18 hours must be above ITAL 202.

Core Courses: Nine hours, with six from the following two courses:

ITAL 313

Italian Conversation & Composition I

ITAL 314

Italian Conversation & Composition II

And three hours selected from the following courses in Italian literature and culture in translation:

LTIT 250

Italian Poetry

LTIT 270

Introduction to Italian Cinema

LTIT 350

Dante in Translation

LTIT 370

Studies in Italian Cinema

LTIT 450

Italian Literature in Translation

Electives: nine hours selected from any LTIT courses or the following:

ARTH 277

Renaissance Art

ARTH 280

Baroque Art

ARTH 370

History of Italian Early Renaissance Art

ARTH 375

History of Italian High & Late Renaissance Art

ENGL 203

Survey of European Literature (through the Renaissance)

HIST 336

Italian Renaissance

MUSC 337

Opera Literature

ITAL 300+

All courses at or above the 300 level.

NOTE: Prerequisites are required for many of the courses needed for a minor.