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Jewish Studies Minor


Credit Hours: 18


JWST 210

Jewish History I: Ancient to Modern

Courses should be selected with the approval of the director or associate director.

FYSE 124*

First-Year Seminar in Jewish Studies

HBRW 101

Elementary Modern Hebrew I

HBRW 102

Elementary Modern Hebrew II

HBRW 201

Intermediate Modern Hebrew I

HBRW 202

Intermediate Modern Hebrew II

HBRW 313

Advanced Modern Hebrew: Conversation and Composition

HBRW 314

Advanced Modern Hebrew: Conversation and Composition

HIST 213

American Jewish History: Colonial Times to the Present

HIST 244*

History of Germany from 1866 to the Present

HIST 344*

Modern European Cultural History

HIST 345*

Modern German Cultural and Intellectual History

HIST 359

Modern Jewish History: French Revolution to the Present

JWST 200

The Jewish Tradition

JWST 215

Jewish History II: Modern to Present

JWST 220

History of Israel

JWST 230

The Holocaust

JWST 240

Jewish Philosophy

JWST 245/
ENGL 191

Introduction to Jewish-American Literature

JWST 300

Special Topics in Jewish Studies

JWST 310

Topics in Jewish History

JWST 315

Southern Jewish History

JWST 320

Topics in American Jewish Culture

JWST 325

Jewish Mysticism

JWST 330

Representations of the Holocaust

JWST 335

Modern Jewish Politics

JWST 400

Independent Study in Jewish Studies

JWST 450

Research Seminar in Jewish Studies

PHIL 255*

Philosophy of Religion

POLI 344

Politics of the Middle East

POLI 359*

Special Topics in Comparative Politics

RELS 201

The Hebrew Bible: History and Interpretation

RELS 225

The Jewish Tradition

RELS 310*

Sacred Texts

*NOTE: These courses must have specifically Jewish content to count towards the Jewish Studies Minor.