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Neuroscience Minor

Phone: 843.953.0780

Director: Sorinel Oprisan (Physics)

The neuroscience minor is designed to provide students with a full-spectrum approach to understanding how the brain and nervous system work in the expression of behavior. The field of neuroscience is a hybrid that integrates biology with psychology while drawing from other academic areas. This program fulfills the interdisciplinary nature of the field of neuroscience by allowing students to take neuroscience-related courses in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities in addition to core courses offered by the Departments of Biology and Psychology. In order to adequately prepare students for future careers in neuroscience-related fields, students are required to complete two semesters of independent research on a neuroscience-related topic.


Credit Hours: 24-26

All of the following core courses:

15 credit hours

BIOL 351/
PSYC 351

Principles of Neurobiology

BIOL 352/
PSYC 352

Neurobiology and Behavior

BIOL 447/
PSYC 447

Seminar in Neuroscience

BIOL 448/
PSYC 448

Bachelor’s Essay in Neuroscience (6 hours)

One of the following specialized neuroscience electives: 3 credit hours

BIOL 354

Techniques in Neuroscience

PSYC 356

Behavioral Genetics

PSYC 385

Cognitive Neuroscience

PSYC 386

Behavioral Pharmacology

PSYC 387


PSYC 410

Special Topics II (when content covers neuroscience, see program director)

BIOL353/ PSYC 353

Hormones and Behavior

BIOL 359/PSYC 359

Study Abroad in Neuroscience (4)

BIOL 446/
PSYC 446

Special Topics in Neuroscience

PHYS 396/
BIOL 396

Biophysical Modeling of Excitable Cells

Two of the following general electives (plus pre-requisites): 6–8 credit hours*

*The two electives must be taken outside the declared major in order to fulfill the interdisciplinary nature of the minor. At least one of these electives must be offered by the Department of Biology or Department of Psychology.


ANTH 333

Human Evolution

ANTH 335

Primate Behavior and Evolution

ANTH 342

Human Behavior and Evolution


BIOL 305


BIOL 312

Molecular Biology

BIOL 313

Cell Biology

BIOL 321

General and Comparative Physiology

BIOL 322

Developmental Biology

BIOL 343

Animal Behavior


CHEM 351


CHEM 352

Biochemistry II

Computer Science

CSCI 470

Principles of Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

DATA 101

Introduction to Data Science


PHIL 170

Biomedical Ethics

PHIL 260

Philosophy of Biology

PHIL 265

Philosophy of Science

PHIL 330

Philosophy of Mind


PHYS 203

Physics and Medicine

PHYS 270

Nanotechnology in Medicine

PHYS 320

Introduction to Electronics

PHYS 230

Introduction to Modern Physics

PHYS 340



PSYC 215

Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 221

Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 216

Sensation and Perception

PSYC 318

Comparative Psychology

NOTE: Only one course from the minor can be applied towards the student’s major.