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Physics Minor

Credit Hours: 18

Minor Requirements:

Core courses:

PHYS 111/111L

General Physics I (with laboratory)

PHYS 112/112L

General Physics II (with laboratory)

NOTE: Under special circumstances, with department approval, and the student having earned grades of "B" or better, PHYS 101 and 102 (with associated labs) may replace PHYS 111/111L and 112/112L.


PHYS 150

Physics of Sound and Music

PHYS 203

Physics and Medicine

PHYS 230

Introduction to Modern Physics I

PHYS 260

NASA Space Mission Design


NASA Space Mission Design Lab

PHYS 270

Nanotechnology in Medicine

PHYS 298

Special Topics*

PHYS 301

Classical Mechanics

PHYS 302

Classical Mechanics

PHYS 308

Atmospheric Physics

PHYS 320

Introductory Electronics

PHYS 331

Introduction to Modern Physics II

PHYS 340


PHYS 350

Energy Production

PHYS 370

Experimental Physics

PHYS 390


PHYS 396

Biophysical Modeling of Excitable Cells

PHYS 399


PHYS 403

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 404

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 405

Thermal Physics

PHYS 407

Introduction to Nuclear Physics

PHYS 408

Introduction to Solid State Physics

PHYS 409

Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 410

Electricity and Magnetism

PHYS 412

Special Topics*

PHYS 415

Fluid Mechanics

PHYS 420

Senior Research*


NASA Space Mission Design Leadership Lab

PHYS 499

Bachelor’s Essay*

*Must involve physics and be approved by the physics minor program director.

NOTE: Students must notify the physics minor program director prior to graduation to receive credit for the minor on their transcript.