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Russian Studies Minor

Phone: 843.953.5776

Raisa Gomer, Director

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Slavic countries in Eurasia opened their borders allowing an unprecedented exchange of ideas, culture and business throughout the world. The Russian Studies Program has developed as a multidisciplinary course of study combining the Russian language with courses related to Russian civilization, culture, history, politics and economics. The program is designed to provide students with the language skills, cultural exposure, and historical background needed to understand and interact with the citizens of these newly available countries both in the international community and at home.


Credit Hours: 18

Six credit hours in Russian language selected from:

RUSS 201

Intermediate Russian

RUSS 202

Intermediate Russian

RUSS 313

Russian Conversation and Composition I

RUSS 314

Russian Conversation and Composition II

Three credit hours in Russian literature or film selected from:

LTRS 110

Russian Folktales in Translation

LTRS 120

Window into Russia: The Major People, Events, and Influences of Russia's Cultural History

LTRS 150

Russian Literature in Translation

LTRS 210

19th Century Russian Literature

LTRS 220

20th Century Russian Literature

LTRS 250

Russian Literature in Translation

LTRS 270

Studies in Russian Film

LTRS 350

Russian Literature in Translation

LTRS 450

Russian Literature in Translation

Three credit hours in Russian history and politics selected from:

HIST 343

Europe Since 1939

HIST 346

History of the Soviet Union

POLI 348

Politics of Protest and Revolution

POLI 260

International Relations Theory

Electives: Six additional credit hours in Russian language, literature, film, history, politics or art, selected from the courses listed above and/or from:

ARTH 350

History of Early Christian and Byzantine Art

ARTH 390

20th century European Art

RUSS 295

Russian for Mass Media

RUSS 330

Collateral Studies

RUSS 331

Business Russian

RUSS 390

Special Topics in Russian

RUSS 398

Independent Study