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Special Education Major Requirements

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Credit Hours: 69

"PR" indicates a pre-requisite. "CO" indicates a co-requisite.

Courses within this major may also satisfy general education requirements. Please consult for more information.

Required Courses

PSYC 103

Introduction to Psychology (3) PR: None

ANTH 101

Introduction to Anthropology (3) PR: None



SOCY 101

Introduction to Sociology (3) PR: None

MATH 104

Elementary Statistics (3) PR: MATH 101 or placement



MATH 250

Statistical Methods I (3) PR: MATH 105 with a C- or better or MATH 111 or MATH 120 or instructor permission

One additional MATH courses at the 103-level or above:

MATH 103

Contemporary Math with Applications (3) PR: MATH 101 or placement

MATH 105

Calculus for Business and the Social Sciences (3) PR: MATH 101 or placement

MATH 111

Pre-Calculus Mathematics (4) PR: C- or better in MATH 101 or placement

MATH 120

Introductory Calculus (4) PR: C- or better inMATH 111 or placement

Note: For higher level MATH courses that can count for this requirement, please consult with your advisor in the Teacher Education Department.

EDFS 201*

Foundations of Education (3) PR: Sophomore standing

Note: *EDFS 201 is prerequisite to all other education courses with a grade of C or better.

Professional Program Semester 1

EDFS 303*

Human Growth and Educational Process (3) PR: None

Note: *Candidates who have received credit for PSYC 224 (previously listed as PSYC 311) prior to beginning a teacher education program should not take EDFS 303 (credit will not be awarded).

EDFS 345

Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth (3) PR or CO: EDFS 303 or equivalent

EDFS 326

Introduction to Educational Technology (3) PR: None

EDFS 411

Introduction to Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Disabilities (3) PR/CO: EDFS 345

Professional Program Semester 2: Select a Strand in Emotional and Learning Disabilities (ED/LD) or Emotional and Mental Disabilities (ED/MD)

EDFS 351

Characteristics of Students with Emotional Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345 (ED/LD Strand & ED/MD Strand)

EDFS 352

Characteristics of Students with Learning Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345 (ED/LD Strand)



EDFS 353

Characteristics of Students with Mental Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345(ED/MD Strand)

EDFS 437

Assessment of Students with Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345 and EDFS 411

EDFS 330

Classroom and Behavior Management (3) PR: EDFS 201 and class rank of junior or above

EDFS 350

Field Experience I in the Instruction of Students with Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345 and EDFS 411

Professional Program Semester 3

EDFS 412

Social Competence Instruction for Students with Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 330

EDFS 425

Teaching Reaching and Language Arts to Students with Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345 and EDFS 411

EDFS 426

Language Development and Communication (3) PR: EDFS 201 and EDFS 303

EDFS 428

Procedures for Teaching Students with Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345, EDFS 352, EDFS 411 (ED/LD Strand)



EDFS 422

Educational Procedures for Students with Mental Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 353(ED/MD Strand)

EDFS 413

Field Experience II in the instruction of students with Disabilities (3) PR: EDFS 345 and EDFS 411

Optional Licensure Eligibility Requirements* for Special Education

Clinical Internship Requirements

EDFS 440*

Clinical Practice in Special Education (12) PR: Admission to the Teacher Education program and completion of all education requirements; This course is graded pass-fail. A grade of "P" carries only earned hours. It does not carry quality hours or quality points.


Must have minimum cumulative GPA of 2.60

Note: *EDFS 440: Students seeking recommendation for South Carolina licensure in emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and/or mental disabilities must complete the program of study above and meet the admission, retention, and exit requirements of the program and the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance. Recommendation to the South Carolina Department of Education for licensure in South Carolina is contingent upon successful completion of Clinical Practice and achievement of passing scores on the necessary Praxis II test(s) for recommendation. Students who do not take Clinical Practice may earn a degree in Special Education but will not be recommended for licensure. See your faculty advisor for additional information.


  • Declare a major in education in using Program of Study Management in MyCharleston as soon as possible. You will be assigned a faculty advisor to work with you in planning your program.
  • You should apply for admission (this is NOT declaring your major) to the Teacher Education Program the semester you are enrolled in EDFS 201 Foundations of Education. Requirements for admission:
    • Minimum overall GPA of 2.60 and 60 earned credit hours.
    • Passing scores on Praxis Core: Academic Skills for Educators designated by the South Carolina Department of Education OR qualifying SAT or ACT scores. Scores must be sent to the College of Charleston (Code R5113) and the SCDE (Code R8108).
    • Disposition forms from (a) a general education faculty member, (b) your EDFS 201 professor, and (c) someone who has observed you working with children.
    • If a student has transfer credit for a course that is equivalent to EDFS 201, they must meet with the Teacher Education department chair and complete 1 hour of work.
    • A grade of C or better in EDFS 201 Foundations of Education.
  • Your admission process must be completed before beginning the professional program.